Zoom-конференции «Россия — Индонезия: торговля, инвестиции, сотрудничество»

Сегодня Вице-президент Ассоциации экспортеров и импортеров Леер Артур принял участие в Zoom-конференции «Россия — Индонезия: торговля, инвестиции, сотрудничество»

АЭИ продолжает наращивать свой международный потенциал и стремится к выстраиванию долгосрочных отношении с различными юрисдикциями. 

Хотим отметить наши сильные позиции в таких странах, как Армения, Турция, Киргизия, Индонезия, Сербия и другие. 

Тезисы выступления: 

Our Association has a developed infrastructure. We are represented in more than 10 countries. Active work is also being carried out inside Russia, so we have signed cooperation agreements with many regions of the Russian Federation.

I will also note that we have quite strong committees, and especially I want to designate the Committee for Work with Indonesia. The head of this committee, Lubarto Sartoyo, went to Trade Expo bi-20 with a delegation of Russian entrepreneurs, where an agreement was signed with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN). By the way, he is an ethnic Indonesian, which is a great advantage.

An important feature is that the Association cooperates with the Orvala Group. These are Russian-speaking Indonesians who are graduates of the master’s degree program of Russian universities. Orvala Group is engaged in business tours, business missions, organization of exhibitions, negotiations, search for suppliers and solves other tasks important for mutually beneficial cooperation.