Artak Udumyan

Vice-President of AEI

Mr. Udumyan is in charge of conceptual issues of AEI development, strategic planning, and international relations.
He is an expert in the field of business and international relations development.
Artak Udumyan held senior positions in government agencies; he was a head of a number of companies and organizations in different countries, as well as vice president of large Russian development, transport, and jewelry companies.

He has managerial experience in a number of international associations and unions including:

  • Member of the Presidium of the International Vienna Council (IVC)
  • Member of the Council of the Confederation of International Trading Houses Associations (CITHA)
  • President of the Manufacturers Sector of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO)
  • General Director of the Armenian World Jewelry Association (AJA)
  • President of the Foundation for the Development of Hungarian-Armenian Relations, etc.

Participant of a number of major international forums, congresses, and conferences including:

– World Economic Forums (Davos, etc.)

– Europe Without Borders

– Danube Conference

– World Business Congress in Bonn (founding participant)

– Member of the official government delegation at the first OSCE Economic Conference, etc.

Host of a number of major international events, expos and fashion shows.

In April 2017, the European Federation for Humanitarian and Social Rights in the World (FEALP) awarded Mr. Udumyan with its highest award, Riconsimento Speciale Internazionale – Colloseo D’Oro at its XXXVI gala ceremony in Rome.