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About this direction of the Association
The banking segment of the Association of Exporters and Importers and the annual exhibition-forum The International Day of Import and Export was born after the launch of the Interbank Conference on Foreign Economic Activity in 2019 and the banking committee of the Interregional Public Organization Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs.
Choose modern financial instruments for foreign economic activity!
Why choose our partners?
Our partners are happy to share their expertise based on the knowledge of what is currently on the market.
The combined experience of our partners is over 100 years
Individual approach
Continuous growth and new financial instruments
Financial instruments from our partners
in the process of formation
JSC "Solid Bank"
The action "EVERYTHING for foreign trade!" for companies participating in foreign economic activity:
During the period of the Promotion, you can get the following services absolutely FREE OF CHARGE:
Opening the first current account in the currency of the Russian Federation and foreign currency
· Registration of a card with samples of signatures and seal imprint
Production and certification by the Bank of copies of documents required for opening a current account
Connection to the iBank2 system
Account management (for the first 3 months)
· Registration of the passport of the transaction

And also discounted rates are provided for:
Currency control agent services when making settlements by resident clients with non-residents with the issuance of a transaction passport
Conversion of funds into US dollars and EURO
Link to the Promo page on the bank's website:

Bank Saint Petersburg for exporting companies
- pre-export financing
- advising an export letter of credit issued in favor of the exporter
- verification of documents
- confirmation of the letter of credit
- payment for export deliveries
- conversion of foreign exchange earnings
- acceleration program
The program is available for Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Moscow, Krasnodar, Rostov and Novosibirsk
Ak Bars Bank
- pre-export financing will help to get money at the stage of production and shipment of products, to avoid the outflow of working capital;
- financing of exporting clients against insurance coverage - in the absence of collateral, exporting SMEs can use the insurance policy of EXIAR JSC. The policy is also suitable for small exporters.
- discounting of export letters of credit - the ability to receive proceeds immediately after shipment, to assign receivables to the bank. The credit limit is used for the importing bank. At the same time, the exporter can provide a foreign counterparty with a deferred payment for the sale of goods;
- advising and confirming export letters of credit.

We offer a profitable course
You save on online conversion operations, do not pay hidden commissions. Buy more, pay less with a clear exchange rate
We will calculate in any currency
We open accounts in dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Turkish lira and other popular currencies, including neighboring countries and the CIS
We will credit payments in 2 hours
We transfer currency and carry out currency control from 06.00 Moscow time
We will help with customs clearance
Our partners will prepare and send customs declarations for you
We remind you about the deadlines for the submission of documents

Ak Bars Business Drive System – convenient service for maintaining documents of foreign economic activity.
  • We will show you how to draw up a foreign economic activity contract. We will analyze your contract for compliance with foreign exchange laws. We will advise you on how to protect your interests and reduce commercial risks.
  • Let's talk about the nuances of the requirements of foreign exchange legislation. Foreign economic activity consultant will tell you how not to violate the deadlines, how to quickly go through currency control and avoid fines.
  • We will help you arrange payments in foreign currency and currency control documents. The online consultant will select the currency transaction code, name and swift of the bank, translate the purpose of the payment.
Operating since 1963, it is a supranational financial institution, a regional multilateral development institution.
Eight member countries: Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mongolia,
Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Poland, Russian Federation, Romania,
Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.
IBEC promotes the development of clients' foreign trade and provides
cash management services aimed at strengthening
synergies at regional and country level, supports
innovative, green and socially responsible projects, providing
sustainable and inclusive growth of the economies of the member countries of the Bank.

Diverse trade finance instruments (support
import and export), including:
- letters of credit
- guarantees / counter-guarantees / standby letters of credit
- reimbursement obligations
- trade credits, including pre-export and post-import
- syndicated loans
- export-import operations with ECA, etc.
The bank provides services for opening and maintaining accounts.

Restrictive measures in connection with the actions of the Russian Federation,
established by the EU Council Regulation of July 31, 2014 No. 833/2014, on
financial transactions carried out by IBEC on the territory of Russia and abroad,
do not apply.
    Bank "Unistream"
    Unique conditions for maintaining a foreign currency account

    Free payments in Euros under contracts with European countries
    - Account maintenance - 0 rubles
    - Currency conversion - 0%
    - Currency control - 0%
    - Sending payment - 0%
    - Personal manager for your business
    A personal manager, an expert in the field of VEB is provided absolutely free.

    He will help you in matters of currency legislation, check the agreement before signing, and tell you what needs to be corrected.
    We convert currencies at the rate of the Moscow Exchange, conversion commission 0%.
    Detailed information on the site -

      JSC "TATSOTSBANK" offers a full range of services to support foreign economic activity:
      • Opening and maintaining accounts of residents and non-residents in foreign currency and in the currency of the Russian Federation
      • Registration of an export, import contract (loan agreement)
      • Implementation of all types of settlements in foreign currency and the currency of the Russian Federation
      • Carrying out documentary operations (letters of credit, collection, guarantees)
      • Conversion transactions (carried out at the rate set by the Bank, based on the current situation in the foreign exchange market on the day of the transaction)
      Throughout all stages of cooperation, highly qualified specialists of TATSOTSBANK JSC will provide free consultations on:

      • selection of optimal payment terms
      • drafting commercial contracts
      • on the currency legislation of the Russian Federation.

      Detailed information on the website -

      PJSC FC "Otkrytie"
      We offer
      Personal approach to international business
      Professional support for beginners and experienced participants in foreign economic activity.

      • Foreign exchange control
      • International settlements
      • International letters of credit and guarantees
      • Trade finance
      • Hedging foreign exchange risks
      • Purchase and sale of foreign currency
      • Online tracking of currency transfers
      • Products for export

      More detailed information on the website -
      PJSC "Rosbank"
      Foreign economic activity option
      • +15 kopecks to the market rate for currency exchange
      • 0.1% commission for payments in foreign currency
      • 0.1% currency control commission
      Rosbank provides a full range of services for currency control over operations of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, individuals engaged in private practice in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation (residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation)

      Basic services
      • Registration of an export and import contract, a loan agreement (credit agreement) concluded with a non-resident
      • Analysis of contracts, agreements, verification and preparation of currency control documents (in accordance with the requirements of the current currency legislation of the Russian Federation)
      • Consulting on currency control issues at all stages of the transaction. Consultations are carried out free of charge and only for bank clients
      • Monitoring compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents in the preparation of settlement documents
      Detailed information on the website -

      We will solve all the issues of foreign economic activity for you
      • Favorable rates
      Special conditions for new clients
      • Foreign Economic Activity Manager
      Business support 22 hours a day in Russian, English, Chinese
      • We minimize risks
      We will warn you about possible problems in time and help you solve them
      • Everything is online
      Work with transactions and documents in the Internet Bank and in the SberBusiness mobile application

      Enter new markets, work with foreign suppliers and buyers in one window, anywhere in the world

      • We will arrange all the documents for you or train your accountant
      • We will check the contract and warn about the risks of violating currency legislation
      • We will help you find a foreign counterparty and check its reliability
      • We will evaluate the export potential of your business, draw up a plan for entering the foreign market and help to implement it
      Detailed information on the website -
      PJSC Sovcombank
      • Foreign exchange control
      Checking the validity of currency transactions of residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation
      • Customs Card
      Payment of customs duties and fees directly at the time of registration of goods at the customs post or via the Internet
      • Currency conversion
      Exchange of one currency for another at the current rate
      • Risk hedging
      Minimizing risks using derivative financial instruments - derivatives
      • International payments
      All types of international payments

      Detailed information on the official website -

      CJSC CB "Loko Bank"
      Foreign exchange control

      • Opening and maintaining foreign currency accounts is free!
      • Payments in any currency of the world - no extra charge
      • Free consultations and personal assistant in foreign economic activity
      • Processing of complex documents - we will take over!
      Advantages of currency control at Loko-Bank
      • Reliability
      We are professionals with 25 years of experience! We have direct relationships with foreign banks
      • Convenience
      We will prepare and check the documents ourselves free of charge. Working with payments and contracts in a simple Internet Bank
      • Saving
      We will help you avoid fines and advise for free.
      • Everything online
      Working with payments and contracts in a simple Internet Bank

      Detailed information on the website -
      IC Bank JSC
      JSC IC Bank provides clients with a wide range of services related to the implementation of foreign exchange transactions and servicing foreign economic activity:
      • Foreign exchange control
      Highly qualified specialists of the Bank with extensive experience in analyzing contracts and the regulatory framework of foreign exchange legislation will advise clients free of charge on foreign exchange legislation both at the stage of preparing a contract and in the course of its servicing, including in order to avoid penalties and in order to optimize the settlement procedure.

      • Conversion operations
      JSC "IK Bank" conducts foreign currency conversion operations for Russian rubles and other foreign currencies. Purchase / sale of foreign currency is carried out at the current exchange rate of the Bank without additional commission.

      • Foreign currency transfers
      Thanks to an optimally formed network of foreign correspondent banks, JSC IC Bank ensures high quality, speed and absolute reliability in making settlements around the world via the international network S.W.I.F.T. with minimal transaction costs in US Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, Swiss Francs, Bulgarian Levs, RMB, and virtually any currency in the world (e.g. Canadian dollars, Norwegian kroner, etc.).
      • Letters of credit
      • Bank guarantee
      Bank obverse
      Bank "Avers" provides services to support the foreign economic activity of enterprises and provides settlement and cash services related to foreign economic activity.
      • Individual rates for active participants in foreign economic activity
      • Free advice on foreign exchange legislation
      • Profitable currency conversion
      Currency control:
      • currency bank transfers through the SWIFT system
      • servicing settlements under contracts in rubles and foreign currency
      • purchase and sale of foreign currency, conversion operations
      • settlements using letters of credit
      The Bank offers its clients favorable conditions for the purchase and sale of foreign currencies for Russian rubles or other foreign currencies. Conversion operations are carried out with certain limited convertible currencies.

      Detailed information on the official website -
      URALSIB Bank acts as a currency control agent
      Foreign economic activity services
      • informing about changes in the currency legislation of the Russian Federation, providing explanations regarding the procedure for performing currency transactions
      • advice on foreign economic activity,
      • advice on filling out forms of currency control documents,
      • informing about the performed foreign exchange transactions,
      • notification of crediting funds in foreign currency and Russian rubles,
      • electronic exchange of currency control documents,
      • registration of a contract (loan agreement) that provides for settlements between residents and non-residents for goods imported into the territory of the Russian Federation (exported from the territory of the Russian Federation), services rendered, information transferred, results of intellectual activity, as well as settlements under credit agreements,
      • amendments to Section 1 of the Banking Control Sheets,
      • acceptance for service of a contract (loan agreement) from another authorized bank,
      • control of transactions for compliance with the requirements of foreign exchange legislation,
      • submission of copies and duplicates of currency control documents,
      • filling out certificates of supporting documents.
      Detailed information on the official website -

      The bank's foreign economic activity is aimed at further expanding foreign exchange operations, developing existing and offering new types of services.

      Foreign exchange service to clients covers a wide network of corporate and household accounts, correspondent accounts with the world's leading banks. Close cooperation with them allows the bank to credit payments to the direct correspondents of these banks in the shortest possible time.

      The Bank carries out all types of international settlements in the form of a bank transfer, letter of credit. The presence of a network of correspondent banks abroad, as well as participation in the SWIFT system, allows the bank to carry out these operations at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.

      AKIBANK issues bank guarantees for foreign trade contracts and to secure the payment of customs payments to clients.
      The bank works with freely convertible currencies and currencies with limited conversion.

      AKIBANK participates in the MICEX trades, the bank operates a working terminal for viewing foreign exchange trades online. Transactions with the American dollar and euro are actively carried out.

      Detailed information on the official website-

      Alfa-Bank JSC
      The advantages of foreign economic activity for business
      • Exchange rate transaction
      • Inbound and outbound GPI tracker
      • Order at the desired rate
      • Events calendar for foreign trade
      Comprehensive solution for foreign economic activity
      Currency conversion
      • The best working time is from Monday to Friday, from 2:00 to 23:55 Moscow time.
      • Conduct transactions in one click on the exchange model with online settlements.
      • Cumulative tariffication: the higher the total conversion volume, the lower the tariff.
      International payments
      • Check the status of every incoming and outgoing payment online through a GPI tracker.
      • Fast Currency Payments - Send 2 hours after signing
      • Simple and convenient processing of payments through the Internet bank.
      Foreign exchange control
      • Complete dossier for each contract in one internet bank window.
      • Online bank control sheet and expected timeline report.
      • If you need help, a personal currency controller is assigned to you
      Special rates
      We have cumulative tariffication: the higher the total conversion volume, the lower the tariff.
      When determining the commission percentage, the maximum value of the turnover in two calendar months - the past or the current one - is taken into account. We will calculate the turnover at the time of sending the order.

      With a turnover of more than $ 100,000, the preferential rate remains until the end of the next month.

      Detailed information on the website-
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