Services Of the Association of exporters and importers
International cooperation and export! Together we are more effective! Use all AEI tools for your business and become more successful!
More effective together!
Working with legislative and Executive authorities
  • Working with collective ideas, proposals and initiatives of AEI members
  • Bringing collective proposals of AEI members to the legislative and Executive authorities (state Duma of the Russian Federation, Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of ECONOMY, REC, IEC, etc.)
Organizing presentations and PR campaigns for exporters and importers
  • Organization of PR-campaigns of any scale Invitation to participate in vip events
  • Organizing presentations of new products and services for exporters and importers
  • Organization of internal conferences, forums or receptions with the participation of important and necessary representatives of business, government and the press
  • And all this in all regions of Russia and abroad!
Multimodal transport, including dangerous goods
  • Multimodal transportation around the world
  • Special rates for Chinese freight
  • Customs escort
Support of foreign economic activity
  • Preparing / verifying a contract
  • Selection of HS codes
  • Calculating the cost of delivery
  • Preparation of documents for customs clearance
  • Legal support
  • Optimization and selection of logistics routes
  • Control of currency transactions
  • Financial audit of the transaction
  • Tax consulting
  • Financial and legal model of International delivery
  • Certification
  • Cargo insurance
Assistance to foreign exporters working in the Russian Federation
  • Selection of Russian importers
  • Organization of presentations and conferences, road shows, etc.
  • Assistance in selecting employees
  • Product certification
  • Selection of optimal accounting and banking products and services
  • Assistance in localization of the enterprise (in particular in Special Economic Zones)
The withdrawal of Russian exporters in foreign markets from "idea to shelf"
  • Assistance for withdrawal to almost any country -" from idea to shelf»
  • Consulting on import and export – from idea to implementation
  • Basics of a foreign trade entrepreneur, currency accounts, advice on working with a Bank without risks of violating currency legislation
  • The optimization of the risk
  • Permission documents
  • Licenses, certificates, permits for exoprt, and so on
  • Output of the exporter's products to the trade shelf
  • European certification
  • Russian certification
Own events of the Association of exporters and importers
  • Conferences that are prepared taking into account the wishes of entrepreneurs working in the field of foreign trade
  • Delegations to Russian regions and abroad
  • Formation of necessary business events, negotiations and trips by AEI members and their integration into the Association's work plan
Informal networking and life hacks for successful exporters and importers
  • Organizing informal networking by organizing cocktail parties, bilateral negotiations, etc.
  • AEI members are ready to share information and contacts! Get first-hand life hacks from successful exporters and importers
  • The most important thing in AEI is human communication of like-minded entrepreneurs working in the field of foreign trade
Translation of any format!
  • Consecutive and simultaneous translation
  • Technical translation
  • Written translations of any documentation (legal, technical, etc.)
  • Interpretation services, including support of construction and installation works, business negotiations, conferences
  • Translation and printing of marketing materials for participation in exhibitions abroad
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